Korea Edutech Industry Association


Introduction of Edutech Korea

  • Under the goal of enhancing national competitiveness

    of country’s knowledge information-based society and building life-long education support system for the people in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Korea Edutech Industry Association(KETIA) aims to promote educational technology and e-learning program, develop it as a major player in the knowledge industry and to seek a smooth exchange of information among member companies and their mutual growth.

Welcoming Remarkstop

  • Thank you for visiting Korea Edutech Industry Association(KETIA). We, KETIA, welcome to visit our homepage.
  • KETIA was founded in 2002 as the ‘Korea e-Learning industry Association’ to create e-learning market framework and promote e-learning industry.
    In 2017, the ‘Korea e-Learning Industry Association’ changed its name to the Korea Edutech Industry Association(KETIA) for upcoming new phase of education industry.
  • In addition to the name change, KETIA intends to do the following :
  • 1. We will continue to make an effort to improve and change laws and systems to create a positive market environment for Edutech industry that can successfully implement the education revolution and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • 2. As the global market grows, we will look for the ways to support member companie’s foreign businesses, either directly or indirectly.
  • 3. We will try to have sufficient budget allocated to Research & Development programs focused on Edutech industry.
  • 4. For more stainable market environment in KOREA, we will make an effort to solve the issues with free e-learning services of public institutions and have voucher system implemented.
  • 5. We will make an effort for the Edutech industry to become a core of the knowledge service industry.
  • National competitiveness in the 21st century depends on its education competitiveness. Educational Technology is going to be a key industry which will enhance national education competitiveness and strengthen global cultural network.
  • KETIA deeply appreciates your continued interest and support.
  • Thank you.
    Korea Edutech Industry Association , Chairman



Dec. 20 Edutech year-end party

Nov. 1~2 co-management to of Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2018 at Singapore

Oct. 23 MOU ceremony with Edutech Convergence Lab in EWHA Womans Univ.

Oct. 10~14 co-management to of Korea pavilion at Frankfurt Book Fair 2018 at Germany

Sep. 28 MOU ceremony with KoVRA

Sep. 13~15 e-Learning Korea 2018 : Edutech Fair

May. 22~23Co-management of K-Licensing Show at Bankok, Thailand

May. 21MOU ceremony with KPC

Apr. 30MOU ceremony with e-Learning Initiative Japan(EIJ)

Mar. 22 Holding KETIA general meeting & MOU ceremony

Feb. 6 Edutech Seminar in National Assembly of Korea


Dec. 21 Edutech year-end party

Nov. 8 ~ 10 co-management to of Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo 2017 at Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Sep. 8 Approval of name change for Korea Edutech Industry Association(KETIA)

Aug. 29 ~ 31 e-Learning Korea 2017 (expo/conference)

Aug. 29 Holding 2nd Edutech Forum seminar

Mar. 29 Holding 1st Edutech Forum seminar

Mar. 29 Jae-Hwan Lim, CEO of Ubion CORP, taking offices as Chairman of KELIA


Sep. 21~23 e-Learning Korea 2016 (expo/conference)

Aug. 26 SmartLearning Seminar in National Assembly of Korea

May. 20 Holding KeLIA extraordinary general meeting

Mar. 17 Holding KeLIA general meeting


Oct. 13 SmartLearning Seminar in National Assembly of Korea

Sep.16~18 e-Learning Korea 2015 (expo/conference)

Mar~Dec 2015 SmartLearning Forum Seminar

Mar~Nov e-Learning CEO ACADEMY 2015

Mar. 19 Jae-Hwan Lim, CEO of Ubion CORP, taking offices as Chairman of KELIA


Mar.~Dec. 2014 SmartLearning Forum Seminar

Sep. 17~9 e-Learning Korea 2014 (expo/conference)

Mar.~Nov. e-Learning CEO ACADEMY 2014

Mar. 20 Holding KeLIA general meeting


Sep. 3~5 e-Learning Korea 2013 (expo/conference)

Apr. 15 SmartLearning Seminar in National Assembly of Korea

Feb. 15 Hyung-Se Lee, CEO of, taking offices as Chairman of KELIA


Sep. 12~14 e-Learning Korea 2012 (expo/conference)

July. 16 SmartLearning Seminar in National Assembly of Korea

Mar.~Dec. 2012 SmartLearning Forum Seminar


Sep. 6~8 e-Learning Korea 2011 (expo/conference)

June. 21 SmartLearning Seminar in National Assembly of Korea

Mar.~Dec. 2011 SmartLearning Forum Seminar

Mar. 14 Hyung-Se Lee, CEO of, taking offices as Chairman of KELIA

Mar. 14 Hold an inaugural seminar of SmartLearningForum

Mar. 14 Holding KeLIA general meeting


Sep.16~18 e-Learning Week 2010(elek 2010)

Mar. 5 Holding KeLIA general meeting


Sep. 3~4 e-Learning Asia Conference 2009

Sep. 2~4 e-Learning Expo Korea 2009(eLEK 2009)

Feb. 24 Hyung-Se Lee, CEO of, taking offices as Chairman of KELIA


Sep. 9~11 e-Learning Expo Korea 2008(eLEK 2008)

Jan. 17 Holding KeLIA general meeting


Sep.18~20 e-Learning Expo Korea 2007(eLEK 2007)


Sep. 27~29 e-Learning Expo Korea 2006(eLEK 2006)

Feb. 15 Holding KeLIA general meeting


Dec.12~21 APEC 2005 e-Learning Industry Pvilion

Nov. 10~12 Holding e-Learning Expo 2005

Oct. 1 young-soon Kim, CEO of Credu, taking offices as Chairman of KELIA


Oct. 15 Holding e-Learning Seminar

Oct. 15~17 Holding e-Learning Expo, 2004

Mar. 26 Holding the e-Learning Standardization Forum Seminar


Oct. 28 Hoding the ASEM e-Learning Seminar

Oct. 27~28 Holding e-Learning Expo 2003

Oct. 27 Holding Korea e-Learning 2003

Jul. 2 Holding general assembly of e-Learning Standardization Forum

Mar. 6 Holding e-Learning technology standards discussion meeting

Mar. 2 Forming 4 subcommittees, each for International Cooperation,

Technology & Standards,Marketing and Promotion and Policy Strategy


Dec. 20 Holding meeting of domestic e-Learning experts

Nov. 14 Holding the 1st "Korea e-Learning 2002"

Sep. 25 Holding general assembly of inaugurationIl-hong Jang,

CEO of Mediopia Technology, taking offices as first Chairman of KELIA

Sep. 10 Forming secretariat office of KELIA

Sep. 6 Getting approval from MOCIE for the establishment of KELIA

Aug. 13 Holding meeting of initiating sponsors (18 promoting companies)


Chairman Ubion JAEHWAN LIM CEO
Senior Vice Chairman TIME Education KILHO LEE CEO
Vice Chairman Tekville HYUNGSE LEE CEO

Major Businessestop

  • 1Discover and foster new business models

    Accelerate new Edutech businesses

    Discover new business models

    R&D planning and commercialization

  • 2Industry Promotion and Infrastructure provision

    Hold an international exhibition & conference : e-Learning Korea

    Hold an e-Learning policy briefing session

    Operate smart-learning platform and state of business reporting system

  • 3International cooperation and foreign business support

    Participate in exhibitions in developed countries and support expanding businesses into developing countries

    Invite buyers from foreign countries for a business matching

    Establish global cooperation network

  • 4Vocational skills policy & National Competency Standards(NCS)

    Online vocational training

    NCS(National Competency Standards) consulting

  • 5Management of Association and support projects

    Organize subcommittees and cooperation system

    Provide educational services, cooperation with related organizations

    Daily newsletters containing the latest news in the education industry

    Exchange of information among association member companies


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  • 06179) 201, Teheran-ro 86-gil 17, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea